Sunday, 10 July 2016

The Wait is Nearly Over for Christmas in July Pattern Bundle

I have remade my "Being Charming is a Plus" pattern in Christmas themed quilts! Now you can guess that my pattern contribution to the bundle is "Being Charming is a Plus."

My pattern is one quilt, two ways. The top version is made with a solid background and all Bonnie and Camille fabrics in red, green and a few grey. The version below is a scrappier version made with all Cotton + Steel fabrics.

I indulged myself by ordering the latest releases for my backing fabrics. The new Cotton + Steel with the little reindeer and a new green dot from Bonnie + Camille's "Little Ruby" line. The binding below is from "Little Ruby" as well.

As always, my patterns can be found on

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  1. Wow what a great line-up of pattern designers! Staying tuned.
    My "Tinsel" leftovers may Just find their way into a Being Charming is a Plus quilt. thanks For the two variations.

  2. Your quilts look wonderful! I really like the wavy quilting that you did for the C&S quilt....such a great stitch! I love the C&S Reindeer fabric too :).


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