Tuesday, 16 February 2016

A Valentine Gift for Baby

On Thursday last week I was looking through my stash searching for fabric for another project when I came across my Peter Rabbit/Beatrix Potter fabrics. I thought to myself, "I really should sew these into a baby quilt before my baby is not a baby anymore." So just like that, on the spur of the moment, I started another quilt. I decided that I would have it done by Sunday for a Valentine's Day gift for my baby girl.

Here was the quilt on Sunday morning after quilting and ready for binding.

Here are the fabrics I pulled out of my stash on Thursday.
 I had won the border print on the right from Rachel from The Life of Riley in August of 2013! Almost three years ago. I know this because I wrote about winning it in this blog post. I bought the Peter Rabbit print from Country Clothesline last year and I won the Ambleside charm pack from @shaunajared75 on Instagram. So the quilt top was almost free! :) I just tagged Rachel on Instagram to show her that I finally used my prize from her.

I got my baby down for a nap and sewed the quilt top in about an hour and a half.
 This was such a quick easy quilt to make. Here's what I did:

1. I cut my half yard of Peter Rabbit fabric into 8 nine inch squares.

2. I chose 32 charms out of the charm pack and arranged them into four patches on my table. I tried to be consistent with where I placed each print in the four patches.

3. I chain pieced the four patches, pressing seams at each stage of making the blocks and trimmed the blocks down to 9 inches square (keeping seams centered).

4. I pieced four rows alternating four patches with Peter Rabbit fabric and pressed my seams.

5. I sewed the rows together into the quilt top.

6. I sewed the border print to the sides and top of the quilt. This quilt ended up 47 inches square.

7. I pieced a backing from various quilt shop quality pieces of flannel.

8. I quilted in a crosshatch pattern using the four patch corners as a guide.

9. I bound the quilt with five 2 1/2 inch strips of yellow polka dotted Moda fabric from my stash.

I  bound the quilt on Sunday evening and put it in the wash to get the spray basting and sizing out of it before giving it to my baby to sleep with.

Here is my baby girl yesterday afternoon (Monday) at nap time sleeping under her new quilt. Is there anything sweeter for a quilting Mother to see? <3
I hope everyone had a lovely Valentine's Day! We enjoyed our day here with a bit of chocolate and Jelly Bellies.


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    1. Thank you Kay. I am so glad I finally made it. It's much nicer as a quilt than as fabric on my shelf. :)


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