Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Grumpy Cactus Pin Cushion Now on Fabric

I have received my test swatch from Spoonflower and I am pleased to announce that my Grumpy Cactus Pin Cushion design is now available to order from my Spoonflower Shop. If you are located in the US your best bet is probably to order from Spoonflower as it will be coming to you from within your own country. As soon as I am able to order some yardage in I will also make it available in my Etsy shop. I have more fabric plans in the works. I hope you will think this is as fun as I do! :)


  1. Congrats Anita. Very cute and grumpy. Love it.

  2. that is so CUTE!!! I love how bright the colors are!! Have you contacted @auntiepami about your patterns? She's a shop owner in Arizona and has a cactus fascination. XX! Congrats!!!!!


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