Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Teacher Gifts and a Friendly Baby Gopher

This week I am working on these Pencil Crayon Wall hanging quilts for my two kids' teachers to give as end-of-the-year teacher gifts. I am using the "Back to School" pattern from Allison Harris' book "Growing Up Modern". I am making a single row of rainbow ordered pencil crayons as a wall hanging rather than a whole quilt due to time and cost constraints.

Pencil Crayon Quilted Wall Hanging for Teacher Gifts.
 I will add a white border and black binding of the same squiggle fabric. I thought the squiggle fabric was perfect because it looks like the pencil crayons scribbled on white paper. (The proper name of the fabric is "Canvas" by Bernartex.) I will also attach a hanging sleeve and put a dowel through it so the teachers can hang these in their classrooms.
Allison Harris's book "Grown Up Modern".

Cute gopher pup.
 We have gophers everywhere here! They are also known as Prairie Dogs and their proper name is "Richardson's Ground Squirrels". We just call them gophers. This little one is so friendly! All the other gophers run down their holes but this one comes over to us and let the kids pet it. (I am wondering if it has something wrong in the head?)
My daughter wearing shorts that I sewed on Sunday (Oliver + S Sunny Days shorts)

My daughter petting the gopher!

My son petting the gopher.

Now the gopher has had enough of being petted and is heading down his hole.
I am linking this post up with WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced. I am also working on re-doing my blog with help from the tutorials at Sew At Home Mummy. She has a 12 week series on her blog.
Sew at Home Mummy


  1. I love those pencils! And you're right, the background fabric is perfect.

  2. What a great teach gift. They'll be able to hang it up in the classroom next year to brighten things up or they can use it at home.

  3. I too like the pencils! Can't believe you can pet those gophers!!! Wonderful! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Fun to stop by here and check things out!! :) Big hug to you!

  4. I love your pencil organiser. That's a great idea for a teacher's gift. And that little gopher is so cute :)


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