Sunday, 22 December 2013

Some Last Minute Santa Gnomes

It's a sunny minus 32 degrees Celsius here today. We have decided to stay home and have a pajama day. The kids are both sick so we felt that skipping church and staying inside the warm house was a good idea. Pajama day is synonymous with sewing day for me so I have sewn up four more Gnoma Clauses.

These ones have all been given away as gifts already. (This is a photo from my Instagram feed.)
These Santas below were sewn up this morning. The big two sided one is because my kids wanted one they could "share". My son could have the blue side and my daughter could have the pink side. So far there's been more fighting than sharing with me yelling "Don't rip that gnome!" Ah, nothing like a quiet day in the house. ;)
 The kids also decorated the dining room window where I photographed these gnomes. They used Crayola Window markers.
 Here is a Christmas tree (by my husband) with rainbow clouds (by my daughter) above it.
 Here is Santa on his sleigh with a reindeer and more clouds above him as well as a large snowflake (by my son). I was at work so missed out on this fun.
On Tuesday night at 10:00 I remembered that my son needed an elf hat for his school Christmas concert. So I whipped this up out of scraps in 20 minutes. Here is my dog (another Instagram photo) modelling it for me. He's sleeping and too lazy to move even when someone sticks an elf hat on his head. It's slightly too big for him.

That is my sewing for the week so far. I plan to work on the never-ending Christmas quilt that won't be done in time for Christmas this afternoon. Happy sewing everyone! And Merry Christmas if I don't write another blog post before then! :)


  1. The gnomes are adorable, no wonder you did some in lots of colours.

  2. Thank you Kay. :) I think they are so cute!

  3. Oh, love those gnomes. So fun! I hope your kids are feeling better!


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