Tuesday, 24 September 2013

I sewed!

There's a commercial on T.V. where a woman finally gets a good night's sleep and she runs a flag up a little flag pole that says "I slept!" I feel like running a little flag up that says "I sewed!" I feel so happy right now that I finally got something finished. I have been too exhausted at the end of the day lately to sew but I went to bed early last night and "I slept!" and this morning I had energy to sew. I made two "Lazy Days" skirts with Briar Rose fabrics. The pattern is a free pattern at Oliver + S.

 This little orange Nanny Bee skirt is perfect for fall for my daughter.
 She absolutely loves strawberries so it wasn't hard to pick this fabric for her other skirt.

These are super easy and fun to sew. I made both in an hour and a half - so basically 45 minutes each. I have had these ribbons for a few years in my scrapbooking/card making stash and they went perfectly with the fabrics. Serendipity!

I am linking up with "Fabric Tuesday" and "Sew Cute Tuesday". Buttons for those are in my button bar. Happy sewing! :)


  1. I love that pattern. I've whipped so many up now I can do it in my sleep. Love the orange you picked!


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