Saturday, 1 June 2013

Snoop Through My Mail

Wow! It's been a great week for mail for me. I pre-ordered Camille Roskelley's new book "Simply Retro" from Chapters/Indigo and it came in on Friday. I am a huge fan of Camille's work so I am so happy to finally have a copy of her new book.

I woke up before the kids and staying in bed for an hour looking through this gorgeous book in peace and quiet. Ahhhh. There are many fun projects in here that I want to try but my favourite is called "Dwell" and it's a quilt of little houses. If you want to see some of what is inside Camille wrote a post about her new book on her blog here.
Also, one of the Giveaway Day prizes that I won was in the mail box too! This one is from Gail who blogs at Thanks Gail!

I thought the little bags would be great as Christmas gifts that have more gifts inside them. The ballerina is perfect for my daughter who is a little ballerina herself. I'm wondering about it though and maybe some of you can help me with this. The ballerina picture is to be traced onto a fat quarter and then "crayoned" and the pattern calls for Prang crayons which I have never heard of. Do you know if Crayola crayons would work just as well? Please leave me a comment if you have any advice about colouring on fabric with crayons.

Also, if I were to order another copy of "Simply Retro" and do a giveaway here on the blog later on this month would you be interested in that? Or do all of you already have a copy? Let me know what you think. Thanks for snooping through my mail. ;)


  1. I am doing The Gardner's Alphabet as a BOM, which is "coloring" and embroidery. We are using Crayola crayons. After coloring our piece we iron it with a paper towel over it until there is no more color left on the paper towel. Is this similar to your instructions? It's been fun to use crayons again, hehe. I'm all for a giveaway of Simply Retro! Like you, love everything Camille does and her book is on my wish list.

    Thanks for sharing all the goodies in your mail ;)


    1. Thank you Jodi for your helpful comment. I sent you an email of thanks as I'm not sure if people receive comments from my blog when I reply on here. :)

  2. YES!! PLEASE do have a giveaway!! I'm a new quilter with a VERY limited budget and haven't been able to swing a purchase of the book. I'd LOVE to get my hands on a copy though. :) Otherwise, it'll have to go on the Christmas list.

  3. Okay, I will. I have to wait for our next payday though. :) CrulyGirlMom, you are a no reply blogger so when I do the giveaway make sure you put your email in your comment.



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