Thursday, 4 April 2013

A Spring Dress and Earrings

Well, Spring Break is over. My husband was home for the whole break so he was playing with our kids a lot and I got a lot of crafting and sewing done. It was lovely. I made this little dress for my daughter.
This is the "Ice Cream Dress" by Oliver + S. You can buy the pattern at their website. Here is a shot of the back of the dress.
I've had the butterfly fabric for years. It was just waiting for the perfect project I guess. I am going to make another one with cupcake fabric and cherry red accent fabric.

I also made these adorable bird's nest earrings for my Mom for Easter. I learned how to make them at this wonderful blog. My Mom loved them!
So here's hoping the sun keeps shining today and the snow keeps melting. I see the Magpies are busy building a nest in a tree near our house so baby birds must be coming soon.


  1. How sweet are both the dress and earrings? Very! I love the way they both turned out! to answer the comment you left on my blog about craft fairs...
    Hi Anita, You will spend more time getting ready for your first craft fair but then if you decide to do it again you will always have that in the back of your mind and when you have your supplies out for one project you will make a couple to put away. I typically will spend 3 days sewing for a craft fair, a week making jewelry and a couple days painting. and a day packaging and pricing but I try to package/price as I go because it is not all that fun to do at once;) I don;t know if you get all your money back from the time you spent to prepare buy you will have the unsold inventory for next time and I usually get another $100 in sales after the fair too. The best learning experience it to just sign up for a fair and don't go out and buy a bunch of supplies, use up what you have, look on pinterest for ideas for stuff you can make out of items you have and the money you make you can invest back into your supplies so you won't be in the hole after your first fair. That is the best advice I can give!

    I hope that helps;) make some of those earrings, they will sell!

  2. Thank you so much for your valuable advice Lindsay. And I guess even if I didn't make what my time was "worth" it's always enjoyable doing the crafting anyway. :)


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