Sunday, 3 March 2013

Masculine Desk Organizing Set

I made this desk orgainizing set for my brother as a gift for his birthday using things I already had in the house. It is outdoors themed so when he's toiling away in his office he can be reminded of fun things to do when he has time off like hiking, fishing and camping in the mountains. The tins are repurposed tea tins. The mesh basket container was from IKEA years ago and I dressed it up with the little banner and twine.

The tall tin is for pens and pencils. The small tin that says "tackle" on it is the lid of the tall tin but now it can be a container on it's own for paper clips or thumb tacks. This second photo coming up shows the side of the tall tin with it's little chip board tag. I covered the edges of the chip board with "distress" stickles.

The little tag says "Call of the Wild". And here's one last photo taken in Jasper, Alberta Canada which was the inspiration for this project.

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