Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! I didn't get as much quilting done in 2012 as I would have liked but still accomplished a few. Now that I have quit my part time job that was becomming more and more like a full time job I have a bit more time. I completed a couple of last minute projects for Christmas gifts in the days before the big day. One project was these little sock monkeys for my two kids.
They have each been sleeping with their sock monkey every night so I guess they like them! :)

I also sewed three pairs of flannel pajama pants. One for my sister, one for my brother and one for me!
These are super comfy so I plan to make more in 2013.

I knitted a ruffle pom pom scarf for my Mom but didn't take a photo of it. It was wrapped right after it was finished. I finished knitting a dish cloth and started another so I am slowly getting my stash of yarn used up and my stash of dish cloths stocked up.

No quilts were started or completed for Christmas but there's hope for next year now that I have more free time. I am currently focusing on scrapbooking over the rest of the Christmas holidays. I am working on getting the photos from Christmas 2009 into my kids' scrapbooks. (I'm just a little bit behind.)

We had a suprise basement renovation at the end of November/beginning of December. Our landlords decided to insulate and drywall our basement. We had to move a lot of stuff out in not a lot of time which was very stressful. All my crafting supplies are in the basement so it was no small task. But now that it's over we have a warmer house and everything is very well organized. I went through it all and have refreshed my memory of what I have down there and reminded myself of projects I want to finish. So I hope 2013 will be a productive year that uses up a lot of my supplies.

I hope 2013 is a good year for everyone. Thanks for stopping by.


  1. I always admire your work whether it's quilts, sock monkeys or flannel pajama pants! You are one talented and creative lady!! Each time that I see your work I am inspired to start Something, but then life picks up pace again, and I don't. Somehow you always find time for your passion. And you always seem to be giving of your talents. I hope all this good comes back to you in the year ahead!

  2. Thank you Susan for your very kind words. :) I find that being creative is very good for my soul and makes me a happier person. When I don't find time for creativity I notice it really impacts me and I really see the difference when I do make time to create something with my hands.I hope you will be able to find time to do a project or do what makes you happy. I know you really enjoy exercise (if this is the Susan I know who wrote the comment) so I hope you will be able to continue that in the year ahead too. Here's to a year of happiness ahead! Cheers!

  3. Don't worry about being behind, at least you are doing it! I just took my twin 8 year olds girls to a crop today, between the three of us we did 20 pages! Have them help, you will be caught up in no time!

    1. Thank you for your encouragement! I'm now up to January 2010. LOL! I was wondering why I had so many photos that year and then I remembered... that was the year I got my digital camers. :)


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