Wednesday, 13 June 2012

The Lorax Would Approve

(I hope)

Today I finished my daughter's "Lorax Quilt". This quilt was made from the free pattern called "Speak for the Trees" designed by Rachel Griffith for Robert Kaufman fabrics. You can find this pattern here. This quilt is made with the Earth colourstory. You can find a kit here. I bought my fabrics at a local quilt shop but then ordered the Bright colourstory from the Fat Quarter Shop as my local shop sold out quickly. I am sewing the Bright quilt next for my son's bed.

It's stormy around here this afternoon so my photos were taken between thunderstorms which was a bit tricky because the it's still windy. Plus at 66" x 79" this quilt is quite large. I might add it was also kind of brutal to shove it through my little Kenmore sewing machine. Note to self: Start saving up money for a new sewing machine! One with a wide throat!

Ah, there's a bit of sunshine! I've spent most of the day hand sewing the binding down to the backing. Love that Lorax! I believe he would approve of this quilt because all of the fabric he is printed on is 100% organic cotton.

We still haven't seen the movie. (I don't think it's even in theatres anymore. We will have to get the DVD!) But we enjoy reading the book very much.
I can't wait to curl up under this quilt tonight when it's fresh and crinkly from the wash and read this book to my kids before bed. Let's all keep caring "a whole awful lot!"

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  1. Ah! This is wonderful - and what a supermom you are.


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