Sunday, 26 March 2017

Griffin Helicopter Canada Day Quilt

This Year's Trend Tex Challenge Quilt

Hi! I am popping in today to show you my Trend Tex Challenge Quilt for the Canadian Quilter's Association annual fundraiser. This quilt will be auctioned off at Quilt Canada.

The theme this year is "Stitching A Canadian Memory". My memory is of Canada Day 2013 when a Griffin Helicopter flew over my house flying the Canadian flag. My whole family was over for a bar-be-que and I jokingly pretended that I had called up the local helicopter squadron and arranged it especially for them. ;)

We had to use the five fabrics given in the kit we purchased from CQA and we were allowed to use up to three more. I just added a tiny bit of white for the flag. Here is a close-up of the appliqued helicopter.

 The flag was a combination of piecing and applique (for the maple leaf). I cross hatch quilted the whole thing.

It was hard to send this away in the mail last week. I know I can always make another one if I want to though. :)

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