On the Go Bags Book Review

A Book Review of On the Go Bags - 15 Handmade Purses, Totes & Organizers: Unique Projects to Sew from Today's Modern Designers by Lyndsay Conner and Janelle MacKay

I bought myself a new book at my local quilt shop on Saturday. I've been meaning to buy this book for a while and finally couldn't resist any longer. You can find this book at C& T Publishing and Amazon.

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On the Go Bags

I can already say that I am very pleased that I bought this book. There are 15 projects in On the Go Bags organized from Easy to Intermediate to Advanced. The easy projects include as scarf (see below), a laptop keeper, inserts for bags including purse pockets and a padded insert suitable for camera lenses and more. The beginning of the book includes a techniques section that is very helpful. I was happy to find that I already had most of the skills I needed but if you are new to bag making you will appreciate that section.

This morning I whipped up the first project in the book called the "Hipster Pocket Scarf" designed by Lindsay Conner in about an hour with three kids at home and a husband out at work. It's Family Day today in Alberta so the kids have no school but it's not a holiday for Federal employees, including soldiers in the army, so I am solo parenting on Family Day. Still, I am thrilled that I was able to complete this scarf so quickly!

I had the supplies in my stash so that was a bonus. I love the rainbow zipper with this Art Gallery Gramercy knit fabric designed by Leah Duncan. You might wonder, how does a scarf fit in with bags? This scarf has a handy zipper pocket that also gives it a cool edgy look. Now when I go out for a walk I can put my house keys and cell phone in my scarf and I don't need to haul along a purse!

Anita of Daydreams of Quilts in her new "Hipster Pocket Scarf" from the book On the Go Bags.

My 11-year-old son was thrilled to be asked to be photographer for this blog post. He did a great job! :)

You need knit fabric and a 7" zipper for this project both of which I luckily had on hand already. I love that rainbow zipper with this fabric! I got the zipper at Zipit on Etsy.

The Intermediate projects include a cart or stroller caddy (I'm sewing this one next!), a park blanket, a travel toiletry organizer and more. I really appreciated the tip from Lindsay Conner in the instructions for the travel organizer that we could use a shower curtain liner and mesh laundry bag for sewing supplies. That would have never occurred to me! Guess what I'm picking up on my next trip to Walmart?! ;) Also included in the intermediate level is the Sporty Strap Pack on the book's cover. I have ordered some hardware from the book's co-author Janelle MacKay at Emmaline Bags to make the cover bag. (I just needed a magnetic snap. Naturally that wasn't all I bought though. Ha ha!)

The Advanced projects include a snap-and-go sewing or art case, a gym tote, a minivan organizer and an airport sling bag. I definitely want to make the sewing/art case for myself and my daughter. That one is designed by Jennie Pickett and Clara Jung of Clover and Violet. There are several well-known bag designers in the book including Sara Lawson who has a cute tablet shoulder bag in the intermediate section

Now I have quite a few more projects on my "to-sew" list! :) I'm feeling pretty happy about that.

I recommend this book without hesitation! Please excuse me now as I get bag to bag sewing. :)