Update on "Water is Life" Quilt Exhibit at the United Nations

Today is the day that the "Water is Life: Clean Water and it's Impact on Women and Girls Around the World" opens at the United Nations in Geneva because today is World Water Day.

Quilt for Change has posted an update on their website. Updates will also be posted on their Facebook page. They will be showcasing each of the quilts and the artists' statements on their website in the coming weeks. I am very excited to see all the other quilts in the collection. Information on the challenge can be found here.

Image from Quilt For Change Facebook Page.

This is my quilt in the exhibit:

"When the Tap is Finally Turned On" by Anita LaHay.
I sincerely hope that the quilts will help to inspire change on a global scale for the good of all humans and animals on earth with regards to water use, preservation and sustainability. You can read more about my quilt and the meaning behind it in this post.