"Urban Scandinavian Sewing" Book Review (not sponsored, just for fun)

I have some Scandinavian blood. My Great Grandparents on my father's mother's side were Norwegian. My Grandfather on my father's side was Finnish. My grandfather's mother was named Sophie and she died giving birth to him so not a lot of Scandinavian traditions were passed down. Maybe that's what interested me in learning from this book. Besides that, who doesn't love Scandi style!?

"Urban Scandinavian Sewing" by Kirstyn Cogan.
 The style of this book is beautiful and just what you would expect with "Urban Scandinavian" in the title. What I really love about this book though it that it's not just a craft book. There are also recipes! Swedish meatballs people!!! More an that further down,
Felt Cup Warmer from Urban Scandinavian Sewing made by Daydreams of Quilts.
 With Valentine's Day coming up I was searching for Valentine Heart projects online. If you subscribe to my newsletter I have a link pack coming out in this week's issue. (Subscription sign-up is at the top of the side bar.) As I was looking through this book what did I find? A felt heart project! How perfect. So I made this up on Sunday afternoon. This is such a fun and easy make. There is no sewing except for the two buttons. You can only see one in this shot. I was happy to have a nice project to showcase some of my vintage pearl buttons on.

What I really got excited about though during my Friday night book perusal was the recipe for Swedish meatballs!

My Swedish meatballs frying in butter. So good! I think I made these too big as they are supposed to be only one inch. 
These meatballs were delicious. My kids ate them all up off their plates and asked for seconds. I didn't have Lingon berries to make Lingonberry sauce so we ate the with ketchup. That is probably very much frowned upon in Sweden but what can we North Americans with no Lingon berries do? Anyway, they were so good! Not the same as IKEA but still very good! A 16-month-old, a 7-year-old and a 10-year-old's empty plates don't lie. There are 9 recipes in the book.

Besides the recipes there are 18 projects in the book from home decor to wearables. I really like the felt medallion necklaces and am currently raiding my husband's stash of metal washers to accent mine with.

So, all that to say - I highly recommend this book! I am having a lot of fun with it and hopefully learning some Scandinavian traditions that were not passed down to me. :)