Friday, 3 April 2015

Easter Bunny Softie Blue Liberty Ears

I have made a couple of Easter Bunny softies today. This is the first one I made. There is basically no budget for Easter this year (but I know the Easter Bunny will visit at Grandma's) so I wanted to sew my daughters toys. This one with the blue Liberty of London ears is for my six month old baby.

I found this adorable bunny on Pinterest and when I clicked the link it lead me to this wonderful free tutorial on Abby Glassenberg's blog. My bunny is made with fleece and it has craft pellets in it's bottom for weight (secured within a nylon bag.)

I wanted the face to be exactly like the pattern so I left the paper on and stitched right through the paper. When I tore the paper away it distorted my stitches on the eyes a little bit. I used a chain stitch on the eyes for the next one I made.

Here is the very happy recipient of the bunny. My little baby daughter. :)

She immediately set to work on breaking in those Liberty ears.

I believe this meets with her approval! Definitely a squeezable soft bunny for hugging.

Happy Easter!
I am linking up with Six Weeks of Softies at Sew Mama Sew. There are amazing prizes on offer to win!


  1. The bunnies are adorable and your daughter is just beautiful

  2. What a lovely Easter gift which will bring long lasting fun and comfort. Chocolate is great but these bunnies will give the little one's mouth much more exercise!

  3. I squealed right out load with this post!! The cats think I am a lunatic.

  4. Cuteness overload, Anita! Your sweet babe and those bunnies are adorable. Happy Easter!


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