2015 Finish Along Q1 Goals

This is my 2015 Finish Along proposed list of finishes for the first quarter of the year. I am linking up with the Finish Along linky at On The Windy Side

For January I am motivated and focused on getting all my Christmas things-that-I-wanted-to-make-for-myself-and-didn't sewn!

These things include:
1. "Penny Candy" Christmas Quilt which my readers have heard of before. It's the project that always gets put off.
Partially pieced.

2. "Oh Christmas Tree tree skirt" designed by Sherri Falls of This and That Patterns from her Holly Jolly book.
Fabric is chosen and cut into strips.
 3. Pink Christmas Quilted Joy Wallhanging designed by Angie at Gnome Angel
Just before I started cutting. I was worried I wouldn't have enough pink.
After cutting all the pink squares needed. It doesn't even look like I took anything out of the bag! I have all fabrics cut now except the background.

4. And while I'm sewing up things that were not finished in time for holidays gone by in 2014 how about I finish my Halloween quilt? I don't think this will be finished in January but for the first quarter it will be (I hope).
All HSTs are now trimmed and squared up and ready to be pieced into blocks.

And then there's all my swaps. These have to get done so I am confident I will have finishes to show for them.
5. Schnitzel and Boo Mini Swap
6. Sew Cute Birthday Club Jan, Feb and March
7. Canuck Birthday Club Feb. and March (we have no January person)
8. Rainbow Mini Swap
9. Whimsical Woodland Mug Rug Swap
10. Marsala Colour of the Year Swap
11. There's one more swap that I'm forgetting the name of (don't have my partner yet) - may roll this into second quarter.

Just as an aside... I have a three ring binder for keeping track of all my swaps and deadlines. :) It's very motivating! Everything is in order by closest deadline to furthest deadline with sticky tab labels and everything. I also put notes from stalking partners in it and sketches of ideas for what I might want to make. I love it!

Other commitment sewing:

12. Hazel the Hedgehog Quilt
13. Washi Bag (I think? Not sure if that's a go just yet)

And just so I don't end on number 13...

14. My Swoon Quilt
In all reality I'm pretty sure this one won't be done in the first quarter but I'm putting it here anyway and will likely have to roll it over to the second quarter. But you never know... super quilter powers may be bestowed upon me.

Oh! And 15. After reading through the list I also want to sew my Gnoma Claus Christmas throw pillow (out of the same line as the photos above) before I sew up all my Gnomas and give them all away and end up with none for me!

Okay. So those are my first quarter goals. Do you think I can get them done? We'll see soon enough I guess. You should like up too. There's prizes to be won! :)

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