Saturday, 16 November 2013

My Gnoma Clause Mug Rug

Time escaped me once again this week but I did manage to sew up this cute little mug rug. The fabric is Winterkist by Monica Solorio-Snow for Lecien.

I can't get enough of these Gnoma Clauses that Monica designed. I don't know what I'm going to do when I use up all my fabric. I'll try not to think about it. I quilted this guy with loop-de-loops. I plan to sew a few dozen of these in the next couple of weeks for fundraisers at the school and church and also as teacher gifts. I hope to put a few in my Etsy shop too! They're handy - especially on a desk where you don't have a tonne of space. You can keep your coffee mug and a small snack plate on them as they're bigger than a coaster and smaller than a placemat. I'm looking forward to sewing them in five colours. I have almost the whole day off tomorrow so I should be able to get a few finished. They're a great way to use up batting scraps too! :)

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