A Productive Weekend

I have been so busy sewing this week I haven't had time to blog about it. So get ready for a lot of pictures. :)

 I sewed this pillow cover yesterday. It says "home is where the army sends us" on the roof. I am making them to order in my Etsy shop and have received two orders so far.
 I made this little Gnoma Claus pillow yesterday too and have these listed to be made to order as well.
 I made two of these zipper pouches. One for me and one for the shop. I love this pink camera fabric.
 I used the Geekly Chic geeky glasses fabric for the lining for both pouches.

Arent' they fun!? I am sewing some goth style ones with skulls for the shop too. They're not really my thing but I know there are people out there who will enjoy them. They will be lined with pink geeky glasses too.
 I made a few more of these mug rugs though I haven't been getting as many done as I would like. I decided that since the school is only selling donated items for .25 cents that I would donate the 10 or 15 Estee Lauder make-up bags that I have sitting around the house (brand new of course) and I'll just sew the mug rugs for the church fundraiser. These take a bit of work and I think they're worth more than .25 cents.
 I sewed this pillow cover this afternoon as it was the first order I received from a fellow military wife. She wanted PPCLI (Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry) colours so we have burgundy and gold in here.
Here it is finished but when I was done it was almost 4:30 in the afternoon and the sun was already setting! So I could not get a daylight shot. It's hard to see here but it says "home is where the army sends us" on the roof. I later added the family name to the door at her request.

Oh yeah, and the light bulb in my sewing machine burnt out. I thought I had a spare one around but of course I can't find it. Maybe I don't have one. So, I duck taped a pink LED flashlight to my machine. How sad is that? Ha ha!

So, I've been busy spending quality time with my sewing machine. Now my studio looks like a bomb went off so I better tidy up a bit. Thanks for visiting my somewhat neglected blog today. :)