Thursday, 28 March 2013

Oliver + S Ice Cream Dress Blouse

I was hard at work this morning sewing this little blouse for my daughter. I wanted to make sure the size 4 still fits her before I sew her some summer dresses. I've had this pattern for a couple of years and size 4 is the biggest one in the envelope. I think I will order another one though with the bigger sizes because these dresses/blouses are so cute!
Here is the front view with my little fashionista modelling.

And here is the rear view. It took my three hours to sew this from start (pinning and cutting) to finish (sewing on the button). If you want to buy this pattern you can find it on the oliver + s website and it is called "Ice Cream Dress Pattern". The fabric I used is an oldie by Fig Tree & Co. that came out a few years ago. So now I can use up some of my stash for little summer dresses. Bring on the warm weather. (Please?)

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